Born: November 13th, 1986. Toronto, Ontario.
Education: 2004-2009 York University, Toronto, Ontario.

My earliest experience with the visual arts that I can recall was centred around comic art. I was naturally drawn to the colourful and exaggerated forms of the superhero. I was particularly enticed by the collectable cards, simply because the artwork on them tended to be less rushed and more realistic, detailed work. The bold colours and exciting designs of the cards opened my young mind to the fantastic world of visual arts.

I was fortunate enough to have a close cousin who exhibited terrific artistic talent. The ‘realization moment’ where it suddenly became apparent to me that I myself could perhaps one day paint and draw like my favourite comic artist’s came when I first saw how my cousin was able to recreate, with stunning similarity, those very images using nothing more than simple pencil crayons. I began attempting to draw almost immediately after this experience.

I excelled through art classes during primary and secondary school. Visual arts was a class that could never be long enough for me. After graduation in 2004, I decided to pursue my passion and enrol in York University’s visual arts undergraduate program. Up until my first painting course there, I had actually very limited experience with the medium. I had only done two tiny landscapes, using a poor student grade acrylic paint, in my last year of high school.

By 2009 I had grown considerably in my knowledge as an artist and become quite comfortable with acrylic paints. It was about this time that I started to experiment with water-soluble oils. Towards the end of my undergraduate program I became increasingly interested in landscape work. In keeping with my inherent attraction to vibrant colour, I began to infuse my landscapes with bright and powerful hues reminiscent of the collectable comic cards from my youth.

Today I continue to pursue my passion for the visual arts and dabble in many different subject matters. However, I am currently focused heavily on trying to develop a body of landscape works. With each new piece I continue to learn a little more and to develop my style a little further. As a side project, I continue to work on graphic novels. Currently I am in the process of writing and illustrating a three book series.